The Rinfret Guide to Christmas Decorating

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, Cindy Rinfret is a superstar. Her own holiday home appeared on the cover of Traditional Home and her shop Rinfret Home & Garden has won awards for its outstanding holiday decor. Here Cindy shares her tips for dressing your home for the season.

1. More is More!

When it comes to holiday decor - more is more. Deck the mantel so that it's covered in lush greenery and add ambience with a fire in the hearth and lots of candles. After all, this time of year everyone can use an added dose of light and warmth. 

2. Go Outside!

Bring the outside in but also don't be afraid to go outside. Christmas is the perfect holiday to add some life and greenery into your home and for most people it's all about making interiors warm and cozy. It is for Cindy Rinfret as well but she also loves to go outdoors this time of year, even in cold Connecticut. Her secret? This outdoor living room -- with a warm fire going, lots of heavy blankets and a hot toddy or two, there truly is nothing more magical than curling up with loved ones outside as the snow falls around you. 

3. Christmas Trees for All!

When it comes to Christmas trees, don't stop at just one. Cindy Rinfret has more Christmas trees in her home than you can count on your hand. Her beloved dogs even have their own tree, complete with doggy ornaments and goodies. Each of Cindy's children were raised with their own Christmas trees in their bedrooms, decorated with sentimental baby socks and creations from their childhood. 

Trad Home Rinfret_366-2.jpg

4. Give Love and Bring Joy!

Last but not least, the holidays offer the valuable gift of time to celebrate with family and reflect on the past year. Cindy loves to have fun and take time to remember what is important in life. We are all so grateful for the amazing clients that trust us to bring beauty into their home year after year. Happy Decorating to all of you!