Organized in 2013

It's the beginning of a New Year and with that comes the annual resolutions, which for many of you probably includes getting more organized. January is a great time to tackle some organization as the mania of the holiday season has subsided and with it so cold and snowy outside, why not take advantage of all your time inside the house?

Kitchens are rooms that require great organization. We love how this kitchen that Cindy designed with Christopher Peacock for a client in Greenwich geniusly organizes and conceals spice jars in a tidy drawer. 

The closet is another space that hinges on good organization to work effectively. Here we show off Tommy Hilfiger's own closet - nothing like going to a professional, after all.

Don't you love how even the coat hangers are monogrammed?

Here are some other gentleman's closets that are sure to make all us ladies jealous!

Another room for privately primping is the bathroom. This is the ultimate place to relax and cleanse so it goes without saying that your bathroom should be a stress-free space with everything easy to find yet not cluttered.

We love how this bathroom keeps everything accessible but tucked away in attractive containers.

Fresh flowers are always a great touch to brighten your bathroom. And you don't have to keep everything hidden away. If there are certain items that make you happy to see, keep them on display. It's all about doing what brings a smile to your face.

Last but not least, the desk potentially poses the greatest challenge in keeping life organized. Cindy loves to use these fabric boards as a way to display inspirational clippings, photos, keepsakes, etc. while maintaining a clean desk. Lots of cabinets as seen here also helps to keep files under control (and out of sight).

We hope we have given you inspiration to tackle your New Year's Resolution to organize!