Decorate for Thanksgiving!

The shops on Greenwich Avenue, including Rinfret Home & Garden, may be decked out for Christmas but let's not forget about our more humble holiday, Thanksgiving, which is in just a few days. We love Thanksgiving and not just because it gives us a free pass to indulge in food for hours but it's also a great excuse to decorate. Check out Cindy Rinfret's decorations for her Thanksgiving dinner party last year. We'll show you how to achieve the same look at home.

Don't be afraid to move your furniture out of the way if you are having a large number of guests for the holiday. Having dinner in the living room really makes the occasion feel festive and special. Cindy brought long tables into her Great Room for a really dramatic effect:

Use urns and flowers to create gorgeous centerpieces. Branches and leaves add the perfect seasonal touch.

Candles are a must at any party. It's best not to have scented candles at the table, so as not to disrupt the aroma of the food, but use your entry to set out scented candles to immediately create an inviting atmosphere. Cindy's signature Greenwich Candle has a delicate scent that we love. Click here to buy it online or get it at Rinfret Home & Garden.

Scatter Fall leaves along the table to bring the outdoors in. You can find these at Michael's Arts & Crafts. Bring the leaf motive to the dinnerware with plates shaped as leaves.

Birds and animals make great decorations (and not just turkeys). Below Cindy used a pheasant for the table.

This Stag Punch Bowl is perfect for a Thanksgiving fete. Click here to get it at Rinfret Home & Garden.
Even with this gorgeous decor, food should still be the main attraction at any Thanksgiving dinner. Use the food to compliment the decor. These cookies are adorable and are just as pretty as they are delicious. Cindy's go-to caterer, Jon Cutler custom-made these cookies for her. You can also use "food" as pure decoration and bring in cranberries and acorns to fill vases. After all, the whole point of Thanksgiving is to give thanks for the harvest.

Make the most of your mantel for Thanksgiving with flowers and candles.

Cindy loves these glass hurricanes for the mantel or dining table and she uses them in all of her clients' homes. Click here to see a selection of glass cut hurricanes.
We hope that we have inspired you to decorate for Thanksgiving and not to wait until Christmas to accessorize. Best wishes to all our readers for a happy and healthy holiday (filled with lots of turkey, of course) and we'll see you out shopping this weekend!