The Tower Suite at the Ocean House

If you have not already heard about the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI then you need to pay attention, as you definitely want to know about this place (trust us).

The Ocean House opened in 1868 and was THE place to spend the summer, especially during the Gilded Age. In 2004 the resort closed in neglect and need of repair. This June the Ocean House opened after a $140 million rebuild and restoration. The 152,660-square-foot property features 49 guestrooms and 23 private residences, farm-to-table cuisine, the 12,000-square-foot OH! Spa and more than 10,000 square feet of event space -- not to mention incredible panoramic views of Long Island, a pristine beach and all the luxuries that any modern resort could claim.

This past Fall Cindy Rinfret was asked to design the Tower Suite of the Ocean House for the resort's Decorator Show House Benefit, "Show Your Cause" which has 100% of proceeds donated to 27 different charities. The Tower Suite is the defining architectural element of the Ocean House and offers the most extraordinary views of Montauk, Block Island, Fisher's Island and Stonington, CT.

The Designer Show House Benefit runs through June 22nd and more information on it and the Ocean House can be found at

Here are photos to show you Cindy's journey designing this very special space:This model was our first introduction to the Ocean House (the Tower Suite is the tallest point, right above the sign for the Ocean House). Jeff Riley of Centerbrook Architects did an amazing job of restoring this landmark building with thoughtful touches that add luxury and interest.
The Tower Suite layout is true to its name, with a very vertical orientation, consisting of three floors plus a Widow's Walk.Cindy was immediately inspired by the views of the Tower Suite and chose a scheme of blues and creams, which she carried through all three floors so as to bring continuity to the suite and to better compliment, rather than fight, the impressive architecture of this space.

Before this scheme could come to be the construction had to be completed -- here are some behind the scenes looks at the construction from months in advance to hours before the Show House opening...but everything was finished beautifully (and in time) thanks to hard work from everyone involved in the project.
The Tower Suite living room this past Winter.

Here is the living room again, in April.

And now for the photo we've all been waiting for....the Living Room installed for the opening of the Designer Show House on June 7th:Don't worry, we'll show you more photos of the Tower are some more, and if you can get to Watch Hill this month you can see the suite for yourself at the Show House....and if you really love it, the Tower Suite could be yours to own, complete with these interiors designed by Cindy.

The window seat offers a prime spot for a bird's eye view of croquet.

If you prefer surfing to croquet, just sit on the window seat on the other side of the mantel.

The Master Suite on the first level is a calming retreat.

An inviting bath awaits in the master bath....just be warned that the bubbles are glass (a trick of the trade for show houses or photo shoots).

A table set for a seafood feast, complete with a faux ivory lobster, sea shells and oyster platters to create the perfect mood.

This Asmara rug's rope-inspired design literally ties this dining area together.
On the upper level one is greeted by a charming day bed, perfect for enjoying with a cocktail.

A couple cocktails might be necessary to get the courage up to brave the steps to the Widow's Walk, where the most remarkable views await.

The views from the Widow's Walk:

The interior views are also pretty fantastic from this vantage point:

And finally, a look at the exterior of the Ocean House as we waved goodbye (for now)...