The good thing about rain is gardens...

Here in Greenwich we are definitely fed up with our endless rain. However, with the bad rep that rain has been receiving, I thought we should take this opportunity to appreciate the lush greenery that it helps to flourish.

Cindy Rinfret is an avid gardener and florist and her own gardens are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. Here are some of our favorite photos that show this wonderful outdoor space.

Visitors to Cindy's home, Laurel Hill, are greeted by a wonderfully long driveway surrounded by trees that circles up a hill to reach the house.

Garden ornaments add to the interest of this lush garden.

Laurel Hill has many interesting views in which to see the garden. This shot is taken from the hallway connecting the main house to the intimate indoor dining room. From this hall, one can view the beautiful garden and outdoor room on one side with the outdoor dining room and pizza oven on the other.

As you can see from these photos, a lot of these outdoor spaces are integrated into areas of the house. Obviously, interiors are important to Cindy but the exterior of the house is also critical to the overall design.

In this outdoor room Cindy blurs the line between indoor and outdoor.

After this beautiful fourth of July weekend hopefully the rain is behind us and we can enjoy the greenery without umbrellas and galoshes!