Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot

Last week we brought in the incredible photographer, Michael Partenio and his assistant David, along with stylist extraordinaire, Stacy Kunstel of Traditional Home, to photograph a gorgeous house in Greenwich. Cindy Rinfret recently completed this project so it had yet to be finished off with accessories.

Check out these behind the scenes pics to see how we transformed these rooms into sumptuous spaces brimming with interest and color.

Every photo shoot needs lots and lots of flowers. (Think about it, how many photos of beautiful rooms in magazines have you seen that do not have flowers?)
It took five fully packed SUVs to bring over accessories from Rinfret Home & Garden. We took over the kitchen and used it as our staging ground. Whole Foods also turned out to be a great resource for food to brighten up the breakfast room (and also fuel us through the day).
As you can see from the above scouting shot, the entry needed some serious accessories to focus the space.Look at the difference that some accessories and flowers will make!When we saw the living room we knew it would pose a challenge for us as it was especially in need of accessories. The high ceiling left a huge bare space over the mantel.
Cindy uses her green thumb to arrange blooming dogwoods that we found in the yard. They are arranged so that they gracefully frame a mirror that Cindy hand-picked from Rinfret Home & Garden.
The mirror from Rinfret Home & Garden above the mantel looks so fantastic that we left it at the client's house for her to keep!
The dining room was another space that desperately needed some TLC!We decorate the table with flowers and place settings. The lights are turned off to avoid any bright spots. What you see with your eye is always different than what the camera sees so we position the "center" arrangement off-center so that it looks better in the shot. Everyone checks out the various shots in Michael's laptop.After a lot of fussing we get the perfect shot!