Rinfret Shows off her Palm Beach Style for Kips Bay

Cindy Rinfret may be known for Greenwich Style but the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House proves that she is a pro when it comes to Palm Beach style. In case you have been living under a rock, the Kips Bay Show House is the most prestigious Show House in the country and for the second year in a row Kips Bay has a featured showhouse in Palm Beach (in addition to New York City).

Photo Courtesy of Rise Media

Photo Courtesy of Rise Media

The best designers from across the country were selected to participate in this year’s Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House and Rinfret was given the most prominent room in the home to design. The space is the first one you see when entering the show house and it makes quite the first impression with sprawling ceilings and a lot of square footage.

6215 001.jpg

For the design of this important space, Rinfret called upon her most trusted vendors. The inspiration for the design began with a collaboration with the noted textile and wall paper designer, Nicolette Mayer. They created breathtaking wall panels with intricate Moroccan patterning that add to the drama of the high ceilings. Complimenting the wall panels were custom embroidered Holland & Sherry wall panels fabricated by The Shade Store.

6215 037.jpg

For the furnishings, Rinfret layered in antiques with luxurious and inspiring fabrics and furnishings from some of the best brands in design. Fine antiques sourced from the Antique & Artisan Center and Greenwich Living in Stamford make one feel like they have entered the home of a cultured globe trotter. Custom Holland & Sherry window treatments heighten the sophisticated atmosphere and beautifully play off the gorgeous blue and cream fabrics from Duralee and intricate trim from Samuel & Sons.

6215 020.jpg

The response to Rinfret’s design of this key space in the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House has been overwhelming. We hope that you will have the chance to experience this remarkable design first-hand. The Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House is open through February 20th and Cindy Rinfret will be doing a book signing and talk on February 16th. Visit The Kips Bay Palm Beach website for all the details.

6215 012.jpg

Exclusive deGournay Design Weekend in England

An Enchanting Mother/Daughter Design Weekend

Some parties are worth remembering for a lifetime. The elegant dinner party at Houghton Hall in Norfolk is one such party.


Cindy Rinfret and her daughter, Taylor Stebbins, who works for the esteemed wall covering brand de Gournay (well regarded amognst design aficionados for their hand painted papers) were invited to a dreamy candlelit dinner that would make Downton Abbey look shabby.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 1.36.18 PM.png

A guest list of celebrity editors and designers from across the globe added to the allure of the evening. The party included design luminaries, including Amy Astley of Architectural Digest, as well as top designers like Sasha Bikoff and Kathryn Ireland, not to mention fashionable royals and socialites. Of course, everyone was dressed to the nines. This might be the design world’s Met Gala.

Nicholas Haslam, Lucy Hammond Giles (Colefax & Fowler), Lord David Cholmondeley & Dominic Evans-Freke (de Gournay) I.jpg

This spectacular event was de Gournay’s fabulous way of announcing the launch of a new hand painted wallpaper design called ‘Houghton’ that is inspired by the 18th century wallpaper at Houghton Hall, one of England’s most beautiful and stately homes.


Cindy Rinfret has long credited travel with inspiring her designs. This remarkable de Gournay experience most certainly got her creative juices flowing. Thank you de Gournay for an enchanting celebration — and for documenting it with these gorgeous images, so we can all feel some of that magic.


From the Archives: An Insightful Interview with Cindy Rinfret

Some interviews stand the test of time. While moving offices to our gorgeous new design studio at 39 Lewis Street (where this stunning Gracie paper just went up) we re-discovered this interview from 2012, published by WAG on the cusp of the publication of Cindy Rinfret's second Rizzoli book, "Greenwich Style Inspired Family Homes."

This interview still rings true to Rinfret's iconic style and perspective -- travel informs design, every project is unique, homes should reflect the lives of the people who live there, and mixing styles is the secret to avoiding "embassy decorating." (And Rinfret also proves here that she can forecast trends, having declared that brass is back five years ago.)

Below is an excerpt of the interview:

How would you describe your personal style?

Ever since I was young I spent all my money on traveling and seeing the world. In a lot of ways, my personal style is a collection of all my travels. It is sort of Loro Piana and Hermès: It’s timeless, it’s classic and it’s comfortable. Hopefully, the rooms that I design are like that.”

Do you design rooms for your clients the way you would design them for yourself?

“My design style is not Cindy Rinfret. It is a collaboration of the house, the gardens, the family and their lifestyles.  And I just interpret it for them in the best way that I can.

“Someone once asked me to do an aqua and black room. It wasn’t what I would have thought of doing, but we did it and it was absolutely gorgeous. Is it for me? No, but they love it.

Who are your clients?

“Most of my clients are repeat clients.  I’ve done 14 houses for Tommy Hilfiger, homes for Regis Philbin, and I work with a lot of Wall Street people. We have fashion people and many more I can’t name because of non-disclosure agreements. But we also work on smaller projects as well.”

What types of projects do you do?

“Some people look at us as traditional, but if you look at the first book and the second, you’ll notice that each project is different. We’ll do a ranch in Wyoming, a contemporary stone and glass house in Vail, Colo., an iconic presidential suite at The Ocean House in Rhode Island, a duplex at The Plaza (in Manhattan) and a traditional house in Connecticut.”

If a client comes to you with an art collection, does it affect how you approach their design project?

“The art can sometimes inspire a room and the color palette.

Like the client who owned a series of 14 Alexander Calder drawings and we used it as a backdrop in the library.

“Regis had this whole collection of photographs from Dean Martin to Frank Sinatra. He also had a great chandelier he’d gotten from Tavern on The Green when it closed, because he loved going there. Regis said to me, ‘I have this great chandelier and I have these great photographs. Can you design around that?’ We built a whole bar around that. You get inspiration from every direction.”

What are some of the biggest design mistakes people make in their home?

“Poor planning. They buy one piece of furniture and try to build a room around it. Novices often make the mistake of worrying about details when they should be worrying about the big picture.

“What’s important is to get the ‘shell’ of the house right. By that I mean the bones – the walls, lighting, hardware, paint and flooring.  If you have a great backdrop, the rest of the decorating stands the test of time.

“Another mistake people make is they’re afraid to mix styles and different periods. That’s what makes a house interesting.  It avoids what I call embassy decorating, where everything is so perfect you don’t want to go in the room and touch anything. It’s a stage set.

Which design trends are hot?

“One of the things I find exciting is the evolution of outdoor spaces and outdoor living. There’s something about gardens that makes everyone happy.  I like using outdoor elements indoors and inside elements outside.

“We had this very formal limestone mansion and when you walked in, we had these two stone garden benches in the front entry instead of what you would expect, and it just felt natural. Then we put these velvet cushions on the stone benches, which looked really cool.”

What do you clients seem to want lately? 

“My clients seem to favor large, beautiful upholstered headboards instead of traditional wood-framed beds. People are focusing on their bathrooms. I’m always getting requests for spa-like bathrooms. I’m also getting requests for yoga rooms.”

What trends are out?

“Everything used to be polished nickel, and it’s going back to oil-rubbed bronze and more to the gold finishes. Gold is back.”

“Mirrored furniture is everywhere, and it’s run its course.

Home theaters and armoires have become less popular, because of the evolution of flat-screen TVs.”

How do you feel about social media and has it had an effect on your business?

“Social media is a fabulous tool. It gives you the ability to reach out to so many people and show people what you do.

I’ve been amazed how much I’ve showed up on other people’s blogs, because they see what I do and write wonderful comments about my work, which is very gratifying.”

Read the full article here.


Powder Room Perfection

Most people underestimate the power of a powder room. It's the perfect space to have fun with design. Making the extra effort is worth it, as all your guests are bound to visit your powder room. Don't be afraid go outside your comfort zone either because you won't be hanging out there for hours on end as you would in other rooms. Basically, the powder room is like a really great piece of jewelry -- fun to flaunt and it should make a statement.

This powder room that Cindy Rinfret designed in Tommy Hilfiger's estate in Greenwich is definitely a conversation starter. With peacock feather wallpaper, custom details in the molding and an unexpected heart shaped basin for a sink, it may possibly be the most romantic and inspired powder room in the state of Connecticut.

We know you want a closer look at that peacock wallpaper, so here it is. And these sconces, with real candles, add some serious ambience.


If you're less of a peacock-type, but still want to make a statement in the powder room, then this design by Rinfret, Ltd. may be more your speed. Details still abound with gorgeous textures in the wallpaper, which compliments marble walls but the show stopper is the Morrocan tiled floor - the perfect accent for this homeowner who loves to travel to exotic locales. This powder room also relates to the design of the rest of the home. To see the full project as shown in the January 2017 issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens, click here.


Here's another Rinfret, Ltd. powder room design that has a neutral color palette but still makes quite a dramatic impression.


What makes this powder room so special? As with so many things, it's the details that set it apart. In this case, upholstered walls and rope tape.

So take the time to make that little, overlooked room a jewel box that will delight your guests and make you smile.

The Rinfret Guide to Christmas Decorating

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, Cindy Rinfret is a superstar. Her own holiday home appeared on the cover of Traditional Home and her shop Rinfret Home & Garden has won awards for its outstanding holiday decor. Here Cindy shares her tips for dressing your home for the season.

1. More is More!

When it comes to holiday decor - more is more. Deck the mantel so that it's covered in lush greenery and add ambience with a fire in the hearth and lots of candles. After all, this time of year everyone can use an added dose of light and warmth. 

2. Go Outside!

Bring the outside in but also don't be afraid to go outside. Christmas is the perfect holiday to add some life and greenery into your home and for most people it's all about making interiors warm and cozy. It is for Cindy Rinfret as well but she also loves to go outdoors this time of year, even in cold Connecticut. Her secret? This outdoor living room -- with a warm fire going, lots of heavy blankets and a hot toddy or two, there truly is nothing more magical than curling up with loved ones outside as the snow falls around you. 

3. Christmas Trees for All!

When it comes to Christmas trees, don't stop at just one. Cindy Rinfret has more Christmas trees in her home than you can count on your hand. Her beloved dogs even have their own tree, complete with doggy ornaments and goodies. Each of Cindy's children were raised with their own Christmas trees in their bedrooms, decorated with sentimental baby socks and creations from their childhood. 

Trad Home Rinfret_366-2.jpg

4. Give Love and Bring Joy!

Last but not least, the holidays offer the valuable gift of time to celebrate with family and reflect on the past year. Cindy loves to have fun and take time to remember what is important in life. We are all so grateful for the amazing clients that trust us to bring beauty into their home year after year. Happy Decorating to all of you!

The classic allure of Blue & White

Pantone and Benjamin Moore are always coming out with color forecasts and we love to stay on top of what is current in the design world, but when it comes to color the classic mix of blue and white will always be a favorite. This color combo has been a hit pretty much since pigment existed and blue and white designs span all continents. There is a reason for this — blue is a calming color that boosts creativity and happiness and white brings out the very best in blue —and of course, it just looks fresh and crisp and beautiful.

A blue and white bedroom designed by Cindy Rinfret at the Ocean House Tower Suite in Watch Hill.

A blue and white bedroom designed by Cindy Rinfret at the Ocean House Tower Suite in Watch Hill.

Rinfret Home & Garden is always well-stocked with blue and white accessories, as it works in almost any design scheme, and is the most effective and easiest way to add interest and style to a space.

That’s not to say that working with the many hues of blue is easy. It takes a trained eye to understand how to pair varying shades of blue but when done well it is absolutely beautiful.

The living room at the Ocean House Tower Suite in Watch Hill, designed by Cindy Rinfret.

The living room at the Ocean House Tower Suite in Watch Hill, designed by Cindy Rinfret.

Cindy Rinfret is known for her Classic Greenwich Style and blue is a color that is often requested by clients with homes in Greenwich. It checks off a lot of boxes: it makes a space feel welcoming and peaceful (key for so many Rinfret clients who need a retreat from their high powered careers in frenetic Manhattan), it is a color that is not pretentious and lends itself well to family-oriented homes (and what town could be better for families than Greenwich, with its incredible schools and endless amenities), and it’s a go-to choice for homes with views of the Long Island Sound as it continues that mesmerizing, watery palette from the outdoors into the home.

A hallway designed by Cindy Rinfret for a client's home in Greenwich, CT.

A hallway designed by Cindy Rinfret for a client's home in Greenwich, CT.

Blue and white abounds in a Greenwich family room designed by Cindy Rinfret.

Blue and white abounds in a Greenwich family room designed by Cindy Rinfret.

Awards: Andrew Martin Interior Design Review & A-List

In case you aren't already familiar with the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, it is a gorgeous book published annually that features the very best interior designers in the world. As the New York Times says, it's the "Oscars of the interior design world."

The cover of the 2016  Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20 .

The cover of the 2016 Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20.

This marks the second time that Cindy Rinfret has been included in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review. In this year's volume Rinfret, Ltd. is featured prominently with with eight pages of full bleed photography dedicated to the firm and a far-forward placement with Cindy Rinfret being the fourth designer presented in an international group of ninety-five.

Cindy Rinfret's bio and the first spread in the eight pages of coverage in the  Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20 .

Cindy Rinfret's bio and the first spread in the eight pages of coverage in the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20.

Cindy Rinfret's eight pages of coverage are dedicated to one project, her design of Tommy and Dee Hilfiger’s duplex penthouse at the Plaza, which includes the iconic turret and breathtaking views of Central Park.

Cindy Rinfret's design of Tommy and Dee Hilfiger's Plaza duplex, in the pages of the  Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20 .

Cindy Rinfret's design of Tommy and Dee Hilfiger's Plaza duplex, in the pages of the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20.

It is an immense honor to have a repeat inclusion in an exclusive group of internationaldesigners. The publication of this book comes at an exciting time for Rinfret, Ltd. with Cindy Rinfret receiving the honor of being a finalist in two categories (Bath and Kids Room) at the 7th Annual atHome A-List Awards at the Stamford Palace Theater, CT earlier this month on September 8th.

Rinfret, Ltd. has also previously won at the A-List Awards but this event program never gets old as it offers an impressive showcase of the great design talent in Fairfield County. This year Rinfret, Ltd. was a finalist in two categories: bath and kids bedroom.

The Rinfret, Ltd. Bath recognized as a finalist in the A-List Bath category.

The Rinfret, Ltd. Bath recognized as a finalist in the A-List Bath category.

The Rinfret, Ltd. Kids Bedroom recognized as a finalist in the A-List Kids Bedroom category.

The Rinfret, Ltd. Kids Bedroom recognized as a finalist in the A-List Kids Bedroom category.

A heartfelt thank you to the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review and to Moffly Media and athome for recognizing Cindy Rinfret's work. We also value the amazing talent of the other designers featured along with Rinfret, Ltd.

For more information on the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review, Volume 20 click here for the press release and to learn more about the athome A-List Awards stay tuned for the November 2016 issue of athome.

Rinfret, Wadia and Sabag: A Great Design Collaboration

The process of pulling off a high-end interior design and construction project can feel as intimidating as producing a Hollywood movie. There are a lot of creative professionals involved in a complex undertaking. 

The above room took a lot of creative work: Interior design by Rinfret, Ltd., architecture by Wadia Associates and building by Sound Beach Partners. Photo by Michael Partenio.

The above room took a lot of creative work: Interior design by Rinfret, Ltd., architecture by Wadia Associates and building by Sound Beach Partners. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Kyle Hoepner, Editor in Chief of New England Home Connecticut advocates the importance of communication between design professionals and has found that the most beautiful and intriguing homes are the ones that were envisioned and created not by one person but by a team of architect, interior designer and builder. Hoepner has long been a fan of Rinfret’s work (in fact, the first issue of New England Home Connecticut was graced with a cover of a Rinfret project) so when he decided to showcase a successful collaboration between design professionals, he immediately thought of Cindy Rinfret and a gorgeous project that she created with Dinyar Wadia/Wadia Associates and Doron Sabag/Sound Beach Partners. 

New England Home Connecticut  profiled the Roundtable Luncheon, featuring a panel discussion with Cindy Rinfret, Dinyar Wadia and Doron Sabag at the LA Cafe at the Lillian August Design Center, in their Spring 2016 issue.

New England Home Connecticut profiled the Roundtable Luncheon, featuring a panel discussion with Cindy Rinfret, Dinyar Wadia and Doron Sabag at the LA Cafe at the Lillian August Design Center, in their Spring 2016 issue.

Rinfret, Wadia and Sabag spoke with Hoepner as part of an intimate luncheon for design professionals held at the Lillian August Design Center this past February where they discussed how they used best practices to create a stunning Greenwich project. The project posed a significant challenge as they were tasked with designing, building, landscaping, decorating, accessorizing and installing an expansive limestone estate with a pool and a seemingly countless number of rooms from start to finish within eighteen months. 

The beautiful home they created was a result of working together from the very beginning. By virtue of being on the job before breaking ground, Rinfret could incorporate details into the interiors that highlighted the architecture. For example, in the dining room Rinfret created a beautiful Chippendale chair rail that played off the Chippendale railing that Wadia designed in the entry. Sabag’s team brilliantly brought the vision to reality by expertly installing mirror behind the wainscoting. 

The entry with Chippendale entry railing was an inspiration point for Cindy Rinfret's design. Photo by Michael Partenio.

The entry with Chippendale entry railing was an inspiration point for Cindy Rinfret's design. Photo by Michael Partenio.

They were able to adhere to the ambitious timeline and keep the client happy by making it a priority to stay in constant communication with each other. There can be a lot of grey areas and Rinfret, Wadia and Sabag made sure that their roles were clearly delineated to ensure that they could all efficiently work together. Judging from these gorgeous images, we think it’s pretty clear that this was a dream team project for all, especially the lucky homeowner.

Cindy Rinfret lets the architecture shine in the living room by keeping the furniture understated and by highlighting the beautifully detailed plaster ceiling by painting it cream and blue, with those colors reflected in the luxurious rugs that ground the room. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Cindy Rinfret lets the architecture shine in the living room by keeping the furniture understated and by highlighting the beautifully detailed plaster ceiling by painting it cream and blue, with those colors reflected in the luxurious rugs that ground the room. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Two chandeliers help to fill the grand size of the dining room and are more relaxed than one very dominant light fixture. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Two chandeliers help to fill the grand size of the dining room and are more relaxed than one very dominant light fixture. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Rinfret installed motorized sheers around the bath for privacy and to add an ethereal romance to the space. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Rinfret installed motorized sheers around the bath for privacy and to add an ethereal romance to the space. Photo by Michael Partenio.

Want to know more about this project? Cindy Rinfret devotes an entire chapter to this home in her book, Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Living.

Art Southampton & Luxe Hamptons Launch

At the end of last month, we attended a launch party for one of our favorite magazines, Luxe Interiors + Design, to introduce their new Hamptons edition. The magazine launch was hosted at the Maserati Lounge at Art Southampton, directly in the center of one of the most incredible art shows around. We began working closely with Luxe several years ago, after we were featured on their April 2012 cover, and since then, we have partnered with them for multiple events and have maintained a close relationship. To show our support and help Luxe celebrate this milestone, we sent our own Taylor Lagerloef to check out the action:

Art Southampton, the “sister” show of Art Miami, is an art show that runs each summer for a period of about 4 days. This year’s venue entailed an extensive 100,000 square foot space and hosted work from over 660 artists ranging from 43 different countries. Upon my arrival, I walked past a graffiti-ed Ferrari and an iridescent taxidermy elk…clearly I wasn't at your typical local art show. I then passed by aisle after aisle of cool, contemporary artists – many of which exhibited very avant-garde and one-of-a-kind pieces. One piece utilized paper-thin fragments of glass laid out in a circular pattern, creating a shimmery, three-dimensional effect. Another piece was an over-sized oil painting of a beach scene, which would be just superb for a beachfront abode. Other pieces at the show included an avant-garde life-size spray can of Campbell’s tomato soup, surfboards plastered with Andy Warhol prints (perfect for those Montauk surfers!), and a gorgeous oil and pastel piece from Abby M. Taylor Fine Art. This was truly one of the best art shows I had attended. What added to the excitement was walking amongst some of this century’s most renowned talents: Warhol, Lichtenstein, Calder, Frankenthaler…all on a simple Friday evening in Southampton.

The excitement continued once I reached the Maserati Lounge. Curated by Luxe Interiors + Design and designed by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, the space was located directly in the center of the venue and allowed guests and collectors alike to mingle with a panoramic view of the entire pavilion.  Launching a Hamptons edition of Luxe is a great move for the magazine, and what better way to break into the market than with a fabulous art show?!

Lautaro Cuttica "Beach Scene"

An oil and pastel painting from Greenwich's own
Abby M. Taylor Fine Art
Taylor Lagerloef with Janice Browne of Luxe Interiors + Design

Being an interior designer, I enjoy attending these types of shows and events so that I can shop for clients (and because it is great to see what direction the art world is going in!). Art can be the final element to truly complete a room and a home. Many people overlook the importance of this, and see art as something that only serves a decorative purpose. Your home should reflect your personality and lifestyle, and art is the last component to really make it personal and your own. Some people opt for prints and posters, which can be reproductions, while others might opt for one-of-a-kind pieces that have history and tell a story. Either way, artwork can fill the void in a home and will brighten up any room.

On a final note, thank you to Luxe Interiors + Design for including us in the celebration! We can’t wait to see what you do with the magazine – we are certain it will be great!

Spring Cleaning with Rinfret

Aah Spring…the season that seemed so improbable after the never-ending Winter of snowstorms and single-digit temperatures. Though the official start to Spring was only on March 21, it is safe to say that everyone has been anxious to finally get back outdoors and transition into warmer weather. What better way to segue into the new season than with some Spring redecorating?! Luckily we have some good tips and new furnishings to help. We even enlisted our very own Cindy Rinfret to answer some of your top questions about “spring cleaning”! Allow yourself to get inspired...

Here are some of Cindy's Spring selections from Rinfret Home & Garden:

Awards Season

We have all been glued to the red carpet this winter watching the parade of stars at the Oscars and Golden Globes, so now that the awards season has come to a close, we thought we'd take this opportunity to do a little bragging on our own awards sweep this winter.

For the second year in a row, we are the proud to be voted as the "Best of Houzz"! This is a really special award as it is determined by the Houzz users. Here are some of our most popular images on Houzz:

Which ones are your favorites?
Visit our page on Houzz and add these images and more to your idea books.

This awards season we won another "people's choice" award with Serendipity Magazine readers designating Rinfret Home & Garden the BEST of Fairfield and Westchester Counties! We've got stiff competion in this area, but as the designer that defines "Greenwich Style" we think Cindy Rinfret earned it fair and square.

We were especially touched by the words of one of our most famous clients, Tommy Hilfiger:

 "Cindy Rinfret has worked with me on at least 15 different projects. She has amazing taste, she is totally professional and is simply the hardest working decorator in the business. What I admire most about her is that she finds great solutions to problems on the job. She is also an incredible purveyor of antiques and hard-to-find vintage pieces. Her ability to go from modern to classic, city to country, or American to European makes her a real star. She possesses a true talent in so many areas. She is undoubtedly the best decorator in Greenwich and the East Coast."

Above: Cindy Rinfret (second from left) with friends and clients, Tommy and Dee Hilfiger (on right) and friend and garden designer, Phillip Watson (on the left), at an event earlier this winter.

What a testimonial! Curious to see some of the rooms that Cindy has designed for Tommy? Here's a look at a few of our favorites (with more in the works right now):

It's safe to say that we have enjoyed a "winning" start to 2014. We can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for us and we look forward to sharing it with you. Stay tuned!

Cindy Rinfret is inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame

Cindy Rinfret has won her fair share of awards over the years. In fact, in 2013 alone she has been recognized by the atHome AList Awards, won an IDA from Connecticut Cottages and Gardens, and is included in Mountain Living's Top Interior Designers and in the Luxe Interiors + Design Gold List. But it's not every day that one is honored with the lifetime achievement of being inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame.

So in true Rinfret spirit, we made the most of it and had a great time celebrating this major landmark.

Team Rinfret came out to support Cindy and celebrate her induction. It was a blast to get dressed up - which for your typical Rinfret girl means black dress and blond hair!

Cindy gave an incredible acceptance speech to a sold out crowd of her peers at the State Room in Boston. It was an emotional moment and she pulled it off with grace and poise. We are so proud!

To add to the excitement of the evening, Rinfret's senior designer, Jill Weisberg won the grand prize of a Canyon Ranch gift certificate. As if there was not enough to celebrate already!

We are honored to have been recognized by the New England Design Hall of Fame and to be included among such an impressive group of inductees.

This is a major lifetime achievement for Cindy Rinfret but as far as we're concerned, it only marks the beginning of of a whole new chapter for Rinfret. Stay tuned and see what we do next!

(All photos by Elizabeth Ethridge McGann, except for the first which is courtesy of New England Home magazine.)

A Look Back at Summer Fun with Phillip Watson

Summer is officially coming to a close so before the season is but a distant memory we invite you take a look back with us.

A highlight of the summer was a visit with our friend (and garden designer to the stars), Phillip Watson.

Phillip and Cindy had a blast on a photo shoot at Mead Point in Long Island. For more photos, see our facebook page.

We are lucky to share some fabulous clients with Phillip Watson and are a huge fan of his stellar gardens.

Above, Phillip Watson in one of his incredible gardens (image from http://www.phillipwatsondesigns.net).

And if you are not lucky enough to have hundreds of acres to devote to peonies, you can still enjoy Phillip's green thumb. Watch out for him on QVC. We think you'll agree that he is one talented (and charming ) guy!

As with any good summer, there were lots of fabulous parties. We already showed you photos from lots of them on our earlier blog post on  Cindy Rinfret's second book with Rizzoli, Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Homes. The last party of the summer was fittingly at the Ocean  House in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. A more perfect summer escape is hard to come by.

It's always sad to say good bye to summer (especially when you look at dreamy photos like this one of Cindy below, taken on a fun day trip with Phillip) but we are already excited for a fantastic fall. Stay tuned for some very exciting news from us!


Cindy Rinfret's picks for Fourth of July

Fourth of July is around the corner. For many this conjures up fond memories of fireworks, picnics and hot summer nights. It does for us too, but we get most excited for the excuse to decorate. From the star spangled banner to classic red, white and blue, July 4th is without a doubt the best decorating holiday of the summer. 

So naturally Rinfret Home & Garden is stocked with lots of accessories that are inspired by July 4th - some so subtly that you can keep them out into the winter. Here are Cindy Rinfret's favorite items for the 4th, all available at Rinfret Home & Garden's Greenwich Avenue shop: 
This Stars & Stripes table is made of reclaimed wood with an inlaid steel base. What could possibly be a more perfect spot to rest your favorite summer cocktail? 

Blue and White Porcelain is a year round favorite but paired with your favorite fresh cut red flowers it becomes a patriotic accent!

July is a hot month so any Independence Day Party needs to be stocked with cold drinks. We love this nostalgia-inducing drink dispenser.

If you prefer something stronger than lemonade on a hot summer night then this silver plated cocktail shaker is just the thing to whip out when you need something shaken, not stirred. 
Last but not least, nothing can beat the good ol' stars and stripes for patriotic decor. This antique American flag in a shadow box is so special that you'll keep it up long after the last firework pops.

We've made your shopping sweeter this year with a fabulous 4th of July Sale -- Come down to Rinfret Home & Garden at 354 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT and we'll help you shop for summer!

Happy 4th!

Celebrating Greenwich Style!

This spring may have been full of showers but the sun always came out to shine at our book events for Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Homes (Rizzoli). Take a look back with us at this party-studded month...

The party month kicked off on May 1st with a book signing at Rinfret Home and Garden, co-hosted with Luxe Interiors + Design Magazine and Christopher Noland Salon and Beauty Spa.  


Next stop on the book tour was the Wakefield Design Center in Stamford where Cindy headlined New England Home's Connecticut To the Trade Day with  a special talk  on the making of her book and what "Greenwich Style" means to her. 


We took the party into Manhattan on May 16th for another book signing, this time at the new Christopher Peacock Showroom. Cindy and Christopher go way back (when they were both starting off they shared a space in Greenwich) so it was a homecoming of sorts to do a party together. In true city style, the food and drinks (and waiters) were all delicious. Thanks to NYC&G and CTC&G for a fab night!


For close friends and clients (many of whose homes were featured in the book) Cindy Rinfret hosted a party with Serendipity Magazine at her favorite restaurant, Polpo. As with all the previous events, the sun was out and made for a perfectly balmy evening. 


Last stop on the book tour (for now!) was the Westchester Showhouse in Scarsdale, where Cindy signed books for visitors on June 1st.

We're taking a break from book events (after all, Cindy needs to rest her hand from all those signatures). In August we'll be back with another party - this one at the gorgeous Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI - which is featured in a chapter in the Greenwich Style. After all, Greenwich Style is a state of mind, not a place. Stay tuned for more details!

May Madness: Mark your calendars!

Get ready to book up your calendar - May is a busy one for us!

Here's what we have on tap:

Wednesday, May 1st
Book Party with Cindy Rinfret
Rinfret Home and Garden
354 Greenwich Ave, Greenwich, CT
6:00 - 8:00pm
The first book party of the season is not to be missed! Join us at Rinfret Home and Garden for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and be the first to get a signed copy of Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Homes. We have partnered with Christopher Noland Salon and Beauty Spa, as well as Equinox Greenwich and Luxe Interiors + Design to give you fab goodie bags stuffed with lots of treats, not to mention a raffle with some seriously amazing prizes. We can't wait to celebrate Greenwich Style with you!

Wednesday, May 8th
New England Home's "To the Trade" Book Signing with Cindy RinfretWakefield Design Center
652 Glenbrook Road Stamford, CT  
4:30 - 5:15 pm
Industry friends, come out to the Wakefield Design Center for a "To the Trade" event organized by New England Home's Connecticut. The day starts at 12:30 pm and offers an impressive lineup of presentations by industry leaders including Oly Studio, Farrow and Ball, Vanguard and Osborne and Little, and last but not least, from 4:30 - 5:15 pm Cindy Rinfret will give a presentation about the making of her latest book.
Click here for more info

Thursday, May 16th
NYC&G Book Party with Cindy Rinfret
Christopher Peacock
222 East 59th Street, New York, NY
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Greenwich Style comes to NYC for a fun evening hosted by New York Cottages & Gardens and Christopher Peacock to honor Cindy Rinfret and her new book. Cindy and Christopher go way back so we're looking forward to some great stories at what is sure to be a fab night out in the city.
RSVP to nycgevents@cottagesandgardens.com

Thursday, May 16th - Saturday, May 18th
7th Annual Warehouse Sale
Morgan Manhattan
16 Bruce Park Avenue, Greenwich, CT
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
The sale of the year is back and promises to be better than ever! Save the date for this epic sale where you can score the best deals possible on furniture, accessories, artwork, mirrors, you name it! There is so much stuff that we open up the doors of Morgan Manhattan (at the bottom of Greenwich Ave) so you can check it all out. 
Click here for more info

Tuesday, May 21st
Innovation in Design Awards
The Stamford Hilton
1 1st Stamford Place, Stamford, CT
6:00 pm cocktails, 7:00 pm Dinner & Awards Presentation
Rinfret, Ltd. is a finalist (for the third time) for the Connecticut Cottages and Gardens IDA. Come down to the Stamford Hilton and cheer us on in the Best Bath category. We're also excited to see the entertaining Jonathan Adler on stage as he'll be honored as the Innovator of the Year.

Saturday, June 1st
Westchester Showhouse
2 Cooper Road, Scarsdale, NY
12:00 - 3:00 pm
Come meet Cindy Rinfret and get a signed copy of Greenwich Style: Inspired Family Homes as you visit the Westchester Showhouse and tour its impressive rooms.
For hours and directions call 914-937-3800, ext. 209.

With all of these events, we hope to see your smiling face this month. Let's all spread the Greenwich Style!

PS - Keep tabs on everything that's going on and follow us on facebook and twitter!

Fashion Week with Brizo

Last week I had the supreme pleasure of joining an elite group of design bloggers as part of Brizo's fashion week. This fashion-forward faucet company invited us to an all expenses paid whirlwind tour of New York City, with our home base being the chic Eventi Hotel. In return we gave the Brizo designers and marketing team our feedback on never before seen prototypes. It was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget. Here's a look back at the magical few days...

On our first full day with Brizo we learned about the brand and their partnership with the designer Jason Wu from the head designer and "rock star" of the company, Judd Lord. His charisma and enthusiasm made looking at faucets actually fascinating!

Above, Judd talks about Brizo's partnership with Jason Wu and below we see the sketches for the collection.

It was interesting to see how Jason Wu kept a modern design but added unique flourishes that we learned were inspired by photos of Versailles that were part of the "Parcours Museologique Revisite" collection.

That afternoon we headed to the Hearst building to hear a funny and informative talk from Ann Preiser of Elle Decor, followed by a very cool tour of the Hearst building. We got to see all the fabulous office spaces, killer views of Manhattan, and an epic art collection, not to mention the "alpha barbies" (the term our tour guide jokingly used to describe many of the Hearst employees). 

Here I am checking out the panoramic view of the city (photo courtesy of Brizo, by Jayme Thornton Photography).

My favorite part was the Good Housekeeping floor which had lots of "testing areas" - everything from kitchens, to temperature controlled chambers.

Above, the Good Housekeeping test kitchen.

We ended the day with a fun cooking lesson from the culinary masters at Sur La Table. (This event definitely made us appreciate the smart touch technology of Brizo faucets.)

We even got our own fancy chef's jackets! Above, is the whole crew of design bloggers with our Brizo friends.

Not being much of a cook myself I made sure I had some good chefs on my team and they did not disappoint.

Adele Young and our Sur la Table teacher make pasta.

On Friday the event we had all been waiting for was here: Jason Wu's fashion show! Of course, mother nature made things a little interesting as NYC was about to get slammed with the infamous Nemo blizzard.

 Above, the view of the Empire State Building from my hotel window the morning that Nemo hit.

We hardly noticed the snow though as Brizo made sure that men with umbrellas were there to help us in to the SUVs that shuttled us everywhere.

Here I am (Elizabeth Ethridge McGann) on the right, with Katrina Stumbos and Shelly Rosenberg - we were absolutely giddy!

The invite alone was enough to get the heart rate going. Hello, leather! (Photo courtesy of Brizo.)

It was a blast to people watch as we waited for the show to begin. I spotted a gorgeous Allison Williams (from the HBO show "Girls"), Stephanie Seymour and her fashionable sons, Harry and Peter, and lots of very chic fashion editors and bloggers. The most captivating person in the audience was Anna Wintour who donned her sunglasses as soon as the show started.

It was also amazing to see the photographers piled seemingly on top of each other as they waiting for the models to come down the runway.

 The collection was magnificent and proved that Jason Wu is not just the designer of Michelle Obama's inauguration gowns, but a major force in fashion.

After the show we gathered at the grand chandelier on the runway for a photo op.

We ended this epic day with a private cocktail party with Jason Wu, Cannon (the stylist extraordinaire, seen below with microphone) and the Brizo team and lucky bloggers.

A huge thank you to Brizo for this incredible experience! Thank you also to the rest of the design bloggers who made this so much fun. Check out their blogs on Brizo Fashion Week below:


Organized in 2013

It's the beginning of a New Year and with that comes the annual resolutions, which for many of you probably includes getting more organized. January is a great time to tackle some organization as the mania of the holiday season has subsided and with it so cold and snowy outside, why not take advantage of all your time inside the house?

Kitchens are rooms that require great organization. We love how this kitchen that Cindy designed with Christopher Peacock for a client in Greenwich geniusly organizes and conceals spice jars in a tidy drawer. 

The closet is another space that hinges on good organization to work effectively. Here we show off Tommy Hilfiger's own closet - nothing like going to a professional, after all.

Don't you love how even the coat hangers are monogrammed?

Here are some other gentleman's closets that are sure to make all us ladies jealous!

Another room for privately primping is the bathroom. This is the ultimate place to relax and cleanse so it goes without saying that your bathroom should be a stress-free space with everything easy to find yet not cluttered.

We love how this bathroom keeps everything accessible but tucked away in attractive containers.

Fresh flowers are always a great touch to brighten your bathroom. And you don't have to keep everything hidden away. If there are certain items that make you happy to see, keep them on display. It's all about doing what brings a smile to your face.

Last but not least, the desk potentially poses the greatest challenge in keeping life organized. Cindy loves to use these fabric boards as a way to display inspirational clippings, photos, keepsakes, etc. while maintaining a clean desk. Lots of cabinets as seen here also helps to keep files under control (and out of sight).

We hope we have given you inspiration to tackle your New Year's Resolution to organize!

Tis the Season

 Happy Holidays!

This time of year is a favorite for all of us here at Rinfret as it is the ultimate decorator's holiday. Every year we deck out Rinfret Home & Garden to the nines. Check out our storefront all done up for the holiday season:

We are not the only ones who get carried away with Christmas. All of Greenwich Avenue looks gorgeous this time of year. Our friends at McArdle's even have real live reindeer that are a hit for the whole family.

After checking out the reindeer stop in the shop for a big dose of festive cheer. Just walking into this gorgeous scene puts everyone into the holiday spirit.

Looking for a special ornament this year? We have so many fabulous options. 

For the nature lover, get our fluffy white owl. 

Need a chic gift for the sophisticate? The gilded acorn is a great stocking stuffer and also looks beautiful tied around a gift.

 The traveler on your list will appreciate this charming ornament of trunks piled high.

Best of all, this month all holiday items are 25% off so you can shop guilt-free!

If you're looking for something more substantial, there is plenty to want this season. Get your home decked out to look beautiful for all your guests this holiday.

Last but not least, we are thrilled to introduce Champagne Fridays beginning December 7th. From 2:00 - 5:00 pm on Fridays come to the shop, sip champagne and get 10% off EVERYTHING! 


Autumn Entertaining

Autumn is a great time to enterain, especially in Connecticut, where the fall foliage offers up the most naturally stunning decor. As the nights get crisper, there is something enchanting about hosting a dinner party in the warmth of the home with the fire blazing and great food, drink and friends. 

Whether you want to host an intimate dinner, or are looking for inspiration for a big Thanksgiving feast, we think these photos from a recent soiree at Cindy Rinfret's house will inspire you. 

Flowers never go out of style but for fall we love to showcase the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. Bring this beauty inside with an arrangement of colorful branches.

A fall feast is as much about the table decor as the food (at least for us). Cindy pulls out all the stops for her autumn dinner parties - peacock feathered placemats, gourds and pumpkins and leaves, even stuffed birds!

For more fall party inspiration check out our post on Thanksgiving entertaining by clicking here.

Enjoy this gorgeous season with your friends and family!